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Magical holiday season, we all remember from the best days of our childhood, means unique, one-of-a-kind atmosphere. It can be achieved through choosing amazing decorations, both the most traditional as well as original ones. MAG is an experienced manufacturer of artificial Christmas trees and other amazing products, such as garlands, wreaths, plastic balls, cones, pyramids and many more.

All of our products are available in amazing diversity of sizes, colours and shapes, which allow them to be universally used in private homes, as well as offices or in shopping malls, city streets and other places. Our offer is a perfect solution for everyone, who wishes to introduce really magical and cheerful atmosphere and share it with their families, coworkers or customers.

We guarantee, that all of our trees, Christmas garlands, wreaths, shiny plastic balls and other unique decorations represent the highest quality of even the smallest detail, which makes them elegant, impressive and truly breathtaking.

Manufactured in sizes ranging from the smallest ones, perfect for your desk in work (15 cm), to giant, breathtaking models, ideal for town squares, your garden or shopping malls (10 m). They are mostly produced in traditional green, but other colours are available as well.
Perfect for your entry doors, ideal to hang them on your windows or walls, already decorated with pine cones, leafs, artificial fruits and other materials, as well as simpler Christmas wreaths to be decorated individually. MAG has prepared a wide choice of this popular products.
Plastic balls
Simple, colourful and simply a must during the holiday season. They are produced in several sizes and amazing diversity of colors and versions, perfect for virtually every Christmas tree or other decorative solution. Choose mat, opal, shiny, glitter or holographic plastic balls.
Beautiful, available in a variety of shapes and versions, both decorated and undecorated, allowing to easily create the atmosphere of traditional holiday season in every home, office or other place. Choose from standard, dense versions, as well as candy or moon shapes.


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